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Jungle Retreat Venue Pucallpa Ayahuasca Retreats in the Amazonian Jungle


The retreats are located in a jungle area only accessible by boat, close to the lake of Yarinacocha. The next airport is Pucallpa.


Plant Medicine & Ayahuasca Healing Jungle Retreat




The accommodation is a nice and basic jungle lodge. It has ten single tambos each with their own private bathroom.


The Maloka, the round ceremony building, is on the same property and at the center of the venue.

The retreat location is safe, and the host family which also lives there always takes good care of us. I've know them since 2017, and have often stayed by myself with them in one of the huts. Since the beginning of 2018 I take our groups there. All the family members support our well-being.

The accomodations are surrounded by the forest. There are huge Oje and Bobinzana trees around. The family has many other healing plants within the grounds.


The two elders of the family are both vegetalistas. Both of them can offer prepare plant medicines for certain issues and support in your healing process.

On one side of the property is a huge lagoon and a wooden walkway/bridge. It can be a good place to rest, to watch the sunrise or to write in your journal.

There's also a nice spot to put your hammock, often participants hang out there to be in silence or to socialize a litte with the other group members.

Depending on the season, and if you're lucky, you can see dolphines in the lagoon.


How much you'll enjoy being outside depends on how many mosquitos there are and your sensitivity to them.

Please be prepared that the bed, the room, and the bathrooms are simple. When ever you want to have a cleaning of the room or change of bed sheets, this will happen. We'll be in the jungle, which is why there are insects and mosquitos, depending on the weather there can be more or less of them.

28 Day & 14 day Ayahuasca Retreat Food Diet


We also provide vegan, vegetarian, meat, or fish options for your meals. Of course all is dieta friendly. If you decide to fast, there are coconuts provided.

Why Choose an Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazonian Rain Forest?

I consciously chose this venue because it's run by this very kind shipibo family. For me this place is a very accomodating space to work with the plants, as well it has an authentic vibe.

For me, it plays an important role to support local shipibo people, also from the perspective of reciprocity. 


There is a certain energy to work with the medicine in an authentic environment where we receive local food, and are hosted by a local family. This can give you a sense of their culture, and it can give a feeling of being home. This family place gives you a different "vibe" then staying in a bigger center.

For me there is always magic in its simplicity, and to leave our comfort zones always provides the opportunity to explore ourselves more.


An environment which is close to nature helps us to connect to the plants, to self, and to truth.

The jungle and its sound backdrop holds a wonderful container for our inner processes.

In case you want to have more luxury for your private group, please talk to me. There are suitable options as well in Peru. Also check out our Mountain or Beach retreats.

For more information, please check out the more detailed description about the retreats. 

There are pictures from the venue and from our host family below on this page!

In case you have specific questions please feel free to write me.



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