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Cusco Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreats & Master Plant Ceremonies in the Peruvian Andes


Our Andean Mountain Masterplant Retreat in 2023 takes place in the magnificent Sacred Valley of Peru.

Lodging will be at a quaint guesthouse which is situated above a small village between Calca and Urubamba.

As well as functioning as a retreat space, the venue operates as a sustainable tourism project. It's led by a Quechuan woman whose intention is to follow her passion to support local youth in their education and overall well being. She puts a huge amount of effort into creating and developing regenerative opportunities for local youth and safeguarding the Quechuan culture.


When I met her I was impressed by her integrity and her dedication in supporting local children's education, and encouraging youths to expand their ideas for the future. She puts a lot of heart into her projects.

The property is owned by her family who are long standing residents in the local community. It has become an integral part of the community as its efforts focus tirelessly on social engagements that support local youths.

The income the guesthouse received is channeled mainly into youth projects and efforts to maintain the vibrancy of the regional Quechuan culture. Dieteros are woven into the cyclical nature of meaningful exchange as guests at the retreat space. Retreat fees are used to directly support efforts to preserve and cultivate ancestral Andean culture. Our journeys extend beyond the periphery of our immediate lives and support the healing of the sacred lands upon which we also heal, and the lives of its stewards.

Built on the foundations of reciprocity and care, I find this location to be a perfect space to work with plant medicine.

The property itself hosts a designated area where children partake in afternoon studies. There is no interference with retreat goers as children study quietly at a suitable distance inside in a separate house.

The venue is cozy and quiet while effortlessly providing guests a window into observing Andean culture, while also providing a plenitude of private spaces for relaxing and preparing for ceremonies.

Whether it be relaxing, connecting with nature, or enjoying evening fires in the gardens, guests can find comfort in a multitude of features on the property supportive to their process. Nestled into the majestic high Andes and residing in the belly of the Valley, the property is conveniently located near trails that lead to crystalline lagoons and bubbling mountain rivers. The land is also host to various ongoing permaculture projects, including the accomodation gardens, offering guests the luxury of relaxing among curated natural cultivation efforts.

Click here for photos of the venue: click here.


Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreat Accommodation: Room


Whether it be outside in nature or snug inside the Casita, the property boasts an expansive space offering tranquil areas to spend time on your own.

The accommodation provides a wonderful space to diet with plants. You can walk around on the property and explore different areas or just relax in one place.

The house provides seven secure and fully equipped bedrooms and bathrooms. Local Quechuans from nearby communities have contributed to creating an Andean style dining hall where they will prepare group meals.

Food & Shipibo Ayahuasca Diet

Different food options will be made available such as: vegan, vegetarian, chicken, or fish. Options can also be made available to cater to various food allergies. Of course all food provided respects Shipibo Plant Dieta requirements, and therefore is always dieta friendly.


Sacred Valley Peru Weather & Climate

Evenings and rainy days can get quite cold. When the sun comes out at this altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level, it can get very warm. It's important to take into consideration that it's very easy to get sunburned and in very short time.

The climate can also change quickly, creating a kaleidoscope of natural magic to marvel at. As the weather changes it introduces new energies that support and hold our processes throughout the retreat.

It continuously fascinates me how changes in weather impacts our journeys depending on the essence of our process. Nature surpasses the boundaries of verbal language and communicates invitations to journey more or less inwards through the energetic nature of the elements.


Travel Before and After:

Because the retreat is held in such an exceptional location, I highly recommend planning time before or after the retreat to enjoy the Sacred Valley. This way you can enjoy the many archeological sites found in the area and the magic of Andean nature.

Furthermore, it may also make sense to arrive 2-3 days earlier than the retreat start date so you can adapt to the altitude. Altitude sickness is very common. It's wise to take this time to adapt before working with the plant medicine.


Sacred Valley Retreat Location:

We are located in-between Calca and Urubamba.

The closest airport is Cusco, which is around 1h 15 mins away by taxi.

Our Andean Mountain Lodge in 2023
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