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In this course I share: topics, themes, inquiry practices, and general integration practices to offer you support and remembrance for your integration time.

This material was originally created only for True-Journey Masterplant Retreat participants.

I was asked to share the material with people who join other retreats as well.

For people who join our True-Journey Masterplant Retreats all the Preparation, Retreat Guidance and Integration materials are included in the Retreat price.


I highly recommend to use all the 3 e-books together, as they offer a holistic guidance package for your whole journey.

You can purchase them all together.

The True-Journey Retreat Guidebook comes as a gift.


Check out the whole package:

True - Joureny Preparation and Integration Course Package | True Journey (


In the integration ebook I offer you practices, different angles, tools and options to self inquire and to train your own muscle of awareness to navigate "your ship of experience" mindfully during your integration time.


In this integration course you have an ebook with 33 pages to print out or to read on your computer. There are open pages to write down your own personal notes.


There is a playlist with 9 videos right now. 

With time and flow I will add more, so the video content will grow for you.

You will also be able to access any new videos with the same link.

The table of content you will find below.

Together with the ebook and video material I offer 1:1 sessions, feel free to reach out if you are interested in that additional personal support.

Enjoy your journey of aliveness with the sacred plant wisdom!

Much love,



Table of contents:


Trust In The Process 6

Surrending 8

Self Reflection & Awareness 10

Healing Is Not A Linear Process 12

Triggers 13

Impulse for Change 14

Dangerous Interpretations 16

Create Space and Activities 18

Practical Integration 19

Process of Integration & Steps 21

Phases of Integration 24

Little Reminders 31

Thank You


True-Journey Integration Guidebook /Course

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