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Ayahuasca Retreat & Shipibo Plant Diet

in the Sacred Valley, Peruvian Andes

01. - 28. October 2025

(with Maestra Juana Silvano Teco)

01.10.25 - 14.10.25 / 14 nights

14.10.25 - 28.10.25 / 14 nights


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The Alchemy of the Sacred Valley & Shipibo Plant Medicine.... This retreat strives to alchemize the combined energies of sacred mountain medicine with Shipibo jungle plant medicine into a transformational healing experience. "I'm overjoyed to offer you space at this Andean retreat setting surrounded by sacred high mountains and archeological sites in the Sacred Valley, as an alternative program to the jungle." My Shipibo Maestra likes to offer the Shipibo medicine with me in the mountains. The mountains have a special healing force for her too. She includes the energy of the mountains in her Ikaros and work. The High Andes carry a huge universal wisdom and energy, which I learned to value and connect to over the last years while living in the Sacred Valley. Life here in the Sacred Valley is very comfortable and much easier than in the Amazon Jungle. The high mountains called "APUs" are big teachers and healing forces in the shamanic world. The air in the high mountain area and how energies are unfolding and presenting themselves is quite majestic and very interesting compared with the jungle, which is the original place from the plants we are working with. The Sacred Valley has many ancient ruins and there are unlimited remains and evidence from old times when magic and energy work were a part of the cultures which inhabited this valley. ​I love to offer our retreats in different magical settings. Each different environment is so unique to one another. The Sacred Valley I have called my home since 2020. I feel very grateful to be able to offer again Retreats in this beautiful magical area. The mountains carry clear air, sprawling views, and majestic locations for reflecting in the Apus, and inspire a different way of connecting to the earth and the whole universe. ​In the mountains, you can sit on the grass upon the earth and feel the ground close without creepy little creatures crawling over your skin as in the jungle. The mountains hold a safe space that welcomes a certain freedom of being. And it must also be said that it's sometimes nice to have more comfort. There can be value in not having to tackle the challenges of adapting to environments that are home to tropical insects and mosquitos. ​People often find the mountain environment considerably easier to adapt to than the jungle. ​Even if it is not the traditional Shipibo medicine setting, I highly value the energy of the mountains and the surrounding sacred sights. The Sacred Valley has a very palpable energy. It's for this reason that it's a wonderful alternative option for me to offer deep medicine work in the form of our Masterplant Retreats. People who know me know that I love the jungle. My appreciation for the Amazon area, where the density of the plants vibrates strongly leads me to continue offering Masterplant Diets in the original place the Amazonian jungle, of course as well.

Accommodation & Location:

This mountain retreat has been created with mountain lovers in mind. It's ideal for those who are seeking to experience jungle medicine in the high Andes.

We stay at an idyllic Andean Mountain Lodge, situated above a tranquil community where locals live together with international expats.

You'll be provided with a comfortable private room and bathroom, nestled amongst the beautiful gardens of the lodge.

This retreat has been created with consideration to guests who feel challenged by the prospect of adapting to the simple conditions and facilities offered on our jungle retreat. The Andean mountain venue allows guests the opportunity to work with sacred plants without being confronted by native wildlife such as insects and mosquitos. You'll have a comfortable bed and room to relax and integrate.

​See more about the Venue: click here!!



What's Included In The Retreat:

  • Included are:

  • 14 nights: 6 ceremonies

  • or 28 nights: 12 or 13 ceremonies

  • private room & private bathroom

  • Ayahuasca medicine

  • One plant/tree for your Dieta (14 days)

  • If you stay for 28 days depending on the healer and you, there is the option for a second plant in your diet.

  • Ceremonial Energy Work: Ikaro from the Shpibo Maestra & Facilitator Ute​

  • Facilitator (Ute) in the ceremonies

  • 1:1 process work with Ute during the diet & retreat (compassionate inquiry & psycho-spiritual guidance)

  • Group sharing Circle in the beginning and in the end

  • Last day: class/talk about integration

  • During the retreat group shares are optional and happen in an organic flow, depending on the present moment and processes

  • Translation help during the retreat (Spanish, English, German)


  • Mapacho for during the retreat (jungle tobacco)

  • Aqua Florida

  • 14-day retreat: 2 massages with Maestra Juana

  • 28-day retreat: 4 massages with Maestra Juana

  • ​​

  • 2 meals a day (otherwise fasting time)

  • Drinking Water, Tea

  • Some fruits (diet-friendly) before the Sama and afterward

  • Last full day: 3 meals the day

  • Hike / Walk

  • Despacho Ceremony in the beginning with a Local Shaman from the Andean Mountains

Preparation & Integration:

  • "Welcome package", first time with True-Journey: 2 Preparation and 2 Integration Calls

  • "Friends package", returning guests: 3 calls included for Preparation and Integration

  • 2 Group Video Meetings: dates will be announced

  • Ebook: True - Journey Masterplant Retreat Guidebook & video playlist

  • Ebook: Preparation Guidebook & video playlist

  • Ebook: Integration Guidebook & video playlist

  • A free True-Journey online sharing circle sometime after the retreat for True-Journey Participants

Extra additional Shipibo Massages you can book with Maestra Juana during the retreat if wished


  • The first ceremony is on the second evening, and then every other night.

  • We will meet at the venue around 11:00 am on the first day before lunch.

  • Departure will be after breakfast on the last day.

  • The address of the venue and our meeting point will be shared by email.



Food & Shipibo Ayahuasca Diet

Different food options will be made available such as vegan, vegetarian, chicken, or fish. Options can also be made available to cater to various food allergies. Of course, all food provided respects Shipibo Plant Dieta requirements and therefore is always diet friendly.

During the Sama fasting times 24h fasting times are required around the ceremony nights. Additionally, to go deeper it is recommended sometimes to fast and only drink water.

This is really up to you and we will talk more about that.

For more about Pre- and Post Diet click here.



Accommodation Before/After:

I highly recommend arriving at least two days prior to the retreat start date, so you can adjust to the altitude before working with the medicine. If you'd like to do a hike to the upper lagoons or visit ruins/archeological sides, arrive earlier!

The area is so stunning. I highly recommend taking advantage of this trip and spending some Preparation and Integration time in the area.

Guests traveling by air will arrive at the Cusco airport. Cusco is situated 3,400 meters above sea level. The altitude in the Valley is lower at about 2800-2900 meters. This is why I recommend driving into the Valley from the airport and organizing accommodation for the first few nights. There are many hotels that can be found between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. 

Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Airport transportation to and from the retreat venue

  • Extra massages with the Maestra

  • Health Insurance: I recommend booking travel health insurance, including flight cancellation insurance. 

  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

  • Hotel/ Accommodation before & after the retreat

  • Shipibo Art/Craft: There will be handmade art products displayed for guests to buy that have been made by the Shipibo Maestra’s family

  • Additional coaching sessions for preparation and/or integration (contact me for prices/schedule)

  • In case of emergency: doctor/ hospital/ transport fees



Additional information:

The destination airport is Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport. You will need about 1h 15 minutes to reach the retreat location if traveling by taxi. We are located in between Urubamba and Calca in the Sacred Valley.

  • I will announce the retreat address via email before arrival.

  • There is a Medical Guideline Form, please read this before contacting me.

  • You will receive ebooks with video playlists after your registration to support you in your preparation and integration time.

  • You need to accept the pre and post dieta restrictions - please read them!

  • I will send you a “to bring list” for some things during the retreat and some practical information after your application is finished.

  • Preparation and integration are very important for this reason I offer continuum care packages, so you have online support before and after to get the most out of your experience.



What else To Consider: 

When deciding to partake in our mountain retreat, there are some points to take into consideration.

  • Furthermore, it may also make sense to arrive 2-3 days earlier than the retreat start date so you can adapt to the altitude. Altitude sickness is very common. It's wise to take this time to adapt before working with plant medicine.

  • Altitude: feel into your body and in case you have any doubts or maybe breathing problems ask your doctor for advice. The natural medicine for altitude sickness in the Andes is the Coca leaves, which you can purchase in many stores and at the market.

  • In the jungle, we have a Shipibo Vegetalista on our team. She prepares extra remedies and vapor baths, which is part of the Shipibo tradition. In the mountains, we don´t have her with us.

  • Instead of her additional plant medicine, we have the energy of the majestic mountains with us. As well we will have a mountain shaman with us in the beginning for a despacho ceremony.

  • Because the retreat is held in such an exceptional location, I highly recommend planning time before or after the retreat to enjoy the Sacred Valley. This way you can enjoy the many archeological sites found in the area and the magic of Andean nature.

  • The mountains invite us to slow down, which is a beautiful medicine.




Registration Deadline: 15th August 2025


Registration & Payment Information:

For price & registration information, please contact me via email.

The registration process includes:

1st step: to fill out a questionnaire

2nd step: having a free 20min call to connect

If we both decide that you will join our Masterplant Retreat, then you need to sign a disclaimer and a retreat agreement and make the first payment to save your spot.

After that procedure, your spot is reserved for you.

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Do you have doubts ??? Unsure? This is okay and natural.
Maybe you like to read some of our FAQs.

How did you (Ute) choose the Shipibo Healer for the retreats?

With each of our Shipibo Healers I have done many months of Diets (Shipibo Plant Diets). I tested each of our healers by myself. I learned to trust each of them while I went by myself in deep own processes. By each one I felt guided and held very well over the years of working and learning with them. There were many challenges along the path so far and always I received support from them.

More FAQ´s here.

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