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The content of the Preparation and Integration ebooks connects beautifully together to support you on your whole journey of healing and learning.


You will also find here, as a gift, a free download from the True-Journey Masterplant Retreat Guidebook.

With this material I offer a voyage to reflect in order to grow your muscle of awareness around your sacred plant medicine journey with self-healing and evolvement.


You receive guidance here for Preparation, Navigation during your retreat, and Integration. All the content is connected and gives you a whole collection of material for your entire journey.


This course was originally created only for our True-Journey Masterplant Retreat participants and students.


For people who join our Masterplant Retreats all of this material is included in the Retreat price.

You can read the 3 e-books before you join the retreat of your choice, you will see the price associated with each ebook.

When we create our own healing journey, we take full responsibility for our life.

We are our own leader and healer in our lives and it can be very beneficial to be open to receive help and support on your journey.

In this course, you receive 

  • the Preparation ebook with 57 pages and 12 videos

  • the Masterplant Retreat Guidebook with 66 pages and 10 videos (Gift / for free) 

  • the Integration ebook with 33 pages and 9 videos


The links for the video playlists you find in each ebook.

The Table of content of the ebooks is included below this description.

There will be additional videos added as gifts in the future.

So your video content will grow in the future and you will have free access to more content with the same link, which you will find in your ebooks. In case the link does not work at some point, you always can reach out and I will help.

The ebooks can be downloaded and/or printed.

There is space for your personal notes.

These Guidebooks with the video playlists I created to offer you support for your own self-inquiry practice and to open space to create and choose your own tools and practices.




If you like to combine these courses and received material with 1:1 sessions, feel free to reach out.

Much love,



Conduct & Attitude

Preparation Part 1



Addictive behaviors


Self inquiry

Vulnerability & Emotion: shame

Emotion: pain and anger

Fight, flight, freeze


Authenticity / Attachments

Triggers, emotion, perception, interpretations

Pattern, coping mechanisms, or adaptations

Identifications, narratives, responsibility, beliefs

Observation - Mindfulness

Presence - Past

Perception - Reality - Spirituality



Preparation Part 2

Inquiry Process

Preparation diet & Energetic hygiene

Recommended activities

Confusion & Discomfort

Resistance & Challenging experiences

Bliss and beauty & Intentions vs expectations

Dying experiences & Visions

Darkness & Light

Navigation tools and skills

Postdieta & Integration

Prep and integration mentoring & Additional information



Table of Content of the Masterplant Retreat Guidebook:


Welcome & Introduction


1.1 What is Healing? 6

1.2 Opening our Minds 11

1.3 Intention 13


Shipibo Medicine & Healing

2.1 What is Ayahuasca to you? 18

2.2 Shipibo Medicine 23

2.3 True-Journey Ceremony Guide 30

2.4 Self-Inquiry During the Retreat 35


True-Journey Retreat Navigation

3.1 Group & Solo Medicine 46

3.2 True-Journey Ceremony Practicalities 49

3.3 Group Sharing & Process Circles 53

3.4 True-Journey Retreat Flow 57



4.1 Areas of Integration 63

4.2 Integrating the Energies of the Plants 64


Signature Agreement 66


Integration ebook: table of content:


Trust In The Process 6

Surrending 8

Self Reflection & Awareness 10

Healing Is Not A Linear Process 12

Triggers 13

Impulse for Change 14

Dangerous Interpretations 16

Create Space and Activities 18

Practical Integration 19

Process of Integration & Steps 21

Phases of Integration 24

Little Reminders 31

Thank You


True - Joureny Preparation and Integration Course Package

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