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True-Journey provides compassionate space for healing & learning.

Our intention is to connect ancestral knowing with our modern way of life and transform this experience into daily wisdom.


"When you know the truth, the truth will set you free."


Psycho-spiritual Inquiry  Session

It´s my highest interest to hold compassionate space for psycho-spiritual inquiry. We explore together patterns, beliefs and how they play out for you. In our session I provide space for the unfolding of your true nature. It is a blend of coaching, mentoring and an intuitive healing journey 

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Ayahuasca & 

Masterplant Diets in Peru

We offer Sacred Plant Medicine retreats with a trustworthy, lifelong trained traditional Shipibo Shaman from a well known Healer Lineage. Individual guidance by experienced Facilitators. 

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Preparation & Integration Coaching/Mentoring 

During your Preparation for & Integration of your experience with Sacred Plant Medicine I provide guidance. I offer the connection between Shamanism and our daily life experience.

Healing, Learning and Transformation is all about Integration.

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Traditional Shipibo Healer:

Juana Silvano Teco


Gilberto Mahua


Oscar Rodriguez

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Founder True-Journey:

Ute Behrendt

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Would you like to write something around psycho-spiritual healing?

Do you feel like sharing an experience with Sacred Plant Medicine? 

How do you experience integration?

Let´s create a platform together where we can learn from each other to be authentic and true. 

Expressing own prozesses and also witnessing a process from another person can be powerful for our own reflections and realizations.

Let me know if you want to write an article for True-Journey Blog!

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I’d like to share with you that English is my second language, and I’m still learning to translate my (German) thoughts with correct words. This is a challenge, but I hope and trust that the heart of my meaning is always getting through! :)


I mention Ayahuasca and Entheogens on my website. I work with people who have decided by themselves to use Entheogens. I don´t offer Ayahuasca, or Entheogens, or any kind of treatment with these substances in countries where they are illegal. In Peru Ayahuasca is a legal substance. All my retreats are happening in Peru, where I´m also located. If someone decides to use these substances for their own healing and learning, I help to prepare, facilitate and integrate the experience. I offer educational resources so that the experience is more safe and beneficial. In countries where these substances are illegal, I do not assist or facilitate in retreats or ceremonies. My coaching service is NOT a therapy, counseling, medical support or addiction treatment. My intention is to offer my coaching service and my guidance as an additional support to help people live deeper and more meaningful lives. 

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