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Cusco Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreats & Master Plant Ceremonies in the Peruvian Andes

Our Mountain Venue



Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreat Accommodation: Room



Our Andean Mountain Masterplant Retreat in 2025 takes place in the magnificent Sacred Valley of Peru.

Lodging will be in a guesthouse which is situated close to Urubamba. 

The place seems like a comfortable bubble; when you enter, you drop into a very nice patio with different rooms around. 

It has a very cozy quiet vibe.

The property is family-owned. It was first owned by the grandmother. She had a small house and a garden. Then the mother continued expanding the property, and after that, the daughter gave it some thought, love, and energy to create a hostel. It was created and is now owned by all these women from this family.

They call themselves spiritual people and always liked the energy from chapels. You will see there is a little tower with a bell that reminds you of a chapel.

They’ve put much love and care into the property and in the garden. You will find many colorful plants and cozy niches to rest, hang out, and relax.

It has many different plants and flowers.

The atmosphere is warm and cozy.

On the patio; which is a beautiful garden, you can find different places to sit, be, and process.

There are 10 rooms for our participants and some rooms for our staff.

Each room has a private bathroom.

We have a kitchen with a lovely cook and a dining hall to share meals together.

As usual in our retreats / Samas (plant diets), you can have your meals in the privacy of your room or in the garden somewhere.

The ceremony building is nice, round, and clear. A nice building that offers us space at night for our Ayahuasca ceremonies.

During the day it can be used for Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, etc. As well there is an additional room to practice meditation or Yoga.

We have space to spread out.

The buildings on the property are of Andean style. They are very lovely decorated and designed as you can see in the photos as well.

The garden lies in the center of the venue and the rooms and buildings are around the patio.

It is a small little world; perfect to go inwards.

Each room has its own charm where you can have your privacy in and be alone if you don’t want to see or connect with anyone else.

The sacred mountains around us are our guardians, while we go into our own processes and are in ceremony.




Sacred Valley Peru Weather & Climate

Evenings and rainy days can get quite cold. When the sun comes out at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level, it can get very warm. It's important to take into consideration that it's very easy to get sunburned and in a very short time.

The climate can also change quickly, creating a kaleidoscope of natural magic to marvel at. As the weather changes it introduces new energies that support and hold our processes throughout the retreat.

It continuously fascinates me how changes in weather impact our journeys depending on the essence of our process. Nature surpasses the boundaries of verbal language and communicates invitations to journey more or less inward through the energetic nature of the elements.



Sacred Valley Retreat Location:

We are located about 10 Minutes from Urubamba.

The closest airport is Cusco, which is around 1h 15 minutes away by taxi.

Our Andean Mountain Lodge in 2025
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