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True - Journey provides a compassionate space

for healing and learning.

My name is Ute, and I'm the founder of True - Journey.

The intention of my work is to connect ancestral knowing and plant wisdom with our modern way of living, so we can align our life with our values and live at our highest potential.

The real is magical, as the magical is real.

My calling is that we experience and remember our own empowerment for creation embedded in Universal connection.

Values & Phylosophies of True - Journey


Our Masterplant Guidebook is ready to download which includes video material!!

There is a gift for you!

 The True - Journey Masterplant Retreat Guidebook

Just sign up for our newsletter and you will receive the ebook in the next few days.

The ebook comes with a link to a video playlist where additional themes are shared and explained.

Enjoy! I hope it is helpful for your journey.

With love, Ute


read and watch more here!

"Ute led me through a profound psycho-spiritual inquiry session. She provided a loving and safe environment as she guided me through a deep internal process of exploring emotions and their origins, observing the complex intelligence of the mind-body connection, and reconnecting with the inner child. She’s a beautiful healer with a sweet and kind energy who authentically cares about helping you grow!" Mara, 30 years, October 2020

"Ute provides one of the most unique experiences you could imagine with the retreats that she offers, the integrity of the people involved in running this service is honest, true and loving.We were listened to and understood at all times during the retreat and very well looked after, Juana and Ute really bring a loving and caring energy to ceremony and the facilities are fantastic, a real jungle experience." Ari, 33 years, January 2021

Video: after one month masterplant diet / retreat,
July 2021, Sidharmo 42 years

Our Shipibo Healer:
Juana Silvano Teco
& Manuela Mahua
& Robertina Perez Mahua
& Gilberto Mahua
& Oscar Rodriguez

more about our Shipibo healer


Ute Behrendt
Founder of True - Journey
Facilitator, Coach, and Mentor

more about Ute


I’d like to share with you that English is my second language, and I’m still learning to translate my (German) thoughts with correct words. This is a challenge, but I hope and trust that the heart of my meaning is always getting through! :)


I mention Ayahuasca and Entheogens on my website. I work with people who have decided by themselves to use Entheogens. I don´t offer Ayahuasca, or Entheogens, or any kind of treatment with these substances in countries where they are illegal. In Peru Ayahuasca is a legal substance. All my retreats are happening in Peru, where I´m also located. If someone decides to use these substances for their own healing and learning, I help to prepare, facilitate and integrate the experience. I offer educational resources so that the experience is more safe and beneficial. In countries where these substances are illegal, I do not assist or facilitate in retreats or ceremonies. My coaching service is NOT a therapy, counseling, medical support or addiction treatment. My intention is to offer my coaching service and my guidance as an additional support to help people live deeper and more meaningful lives. 

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