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Addiction Recovery

Transformational Recovery Coaching is for the next months not available. I don´t have a frequent internet connection to give sessions on a longer base! Alternative you can contact:

What if the transformation of your addiction gives you the option to find your true self? What if this personal process of moving out of addiction will one day be your most valuable experience? What if you learn to connect to your true self through this process? What if this path will be the opportunity for your biggest transformation ever? What if through this journey you find true connection and meaning in your life?


I believe if you open up to the possibility that going through recovery has a huge growing and learning potential, then you can transform this difficult part of your life into the most valuable one. 

Addiction is no reason for shame or blame and the process of overcoming an addiction provides the opportunity to gain so much awareness. The path of recovery can guide us to our true self and there are many treasures to explore.

You can see it as a rite of passage, a journey to a new layer of consciousness. In recovery you need to face many different facets of your personality.


You need to bring light into many patterns to become aware of them and to be able to change them into something that brings you further and closer to your real goals. You will learn and discover yourself on all kinds of areas. We will explore mental, emotional, social, physical, as well as other areas of your being. We will also explore your lifestyle, home-life, family-life and how you create your surroundings. We will discover your true goals! What are your real goals? What are conditions imposed from the outside and what comes from your heart?


To go through addiction recovery can be a very rewarding process. It´s a path and usually it´s not a quick fix. It´s a journey where you can discover yourself and life in a new way.


 “Recovery is not a final destination, it is a personal process that requires daily discipline and unwavering commitment to true-self-actualization”. (beingtruetoyou)


Recovery provides a powerful opportunity to create new direction and meaning in your life, based on your truest self.


Depending on your individual skills, resources, goals and desires, we create your personal recovery strategy and plan. If you are not yet aware about skills, resources, your goals and desires, then I can support you to find them.

Transformational Recovery Coaching

Transformational recovery is what can happen through the process. There is no specific technique which will stop someone from taking drugs, when caught in the net of addictive behavior. No one can pinpoint for you the exact ingredients. The way out is individual to everyone, a person must figure it out for themselves.


As a transformational recovery coach I can only give you guidance and create together with you a strategy based on your own individual goals.


“Transformational recovery can give depth and meaning to the process of recovery and invites the individual to improve, develop, and enhance themselves through their recovery experience. Transformational recovery peels back the layers of the addicted self, heals the core wound and can awaken the true self. Transformational recovery paves the comeback story, births the gifts of suffering, and makes the whole addiction journey worth it.” (


 Transformational recovery is about self-actualization, connecting to self, and bringing self in line with our meaning and purpose. Sobriety and abstinence are the byproduct, but not the point. 


If you go through your own transformation and healing, if you wish to get in balance, if you are on the point where you are ready to do your inner work, very often the moment will come when you stop using a substance and playing out the addiction behavior!

Transformational Recovery Coaching can support the individual to stay optimistic, to see the value in every step and also to give clear reflection about their behavior, in case they are not seeing clearly.

Relapses are often part of the journey. There are different stages to go through. In every period and every phase there are things to learn and opportunities to become more aware of new strategies and methods on the path to

 freedom from addiction.


Transformational Recovery Coaching is not a substitute for a medical treatment or any other kind of therapy. You can use coaching as an additional support.


My intention is to work in the present moment, be focused on your individual situation, be open to all layers, including the psycho-spiritual one. We use all the "material" that you bring into our sessions. 


The root of addiction is often a missing connection. What kind of connection is missing is individually different. My approach always includes the spiritual part and the view that all is somehow connected.


The experience of addiction and the way out of addiction can give us the chance to really get to know ourselves and to get to know life in general.  All realms are included and to really understand our addicted behavior, our addicted mindset, our addicted lifestyle and all the patterns that lie behind it, we need to go on a deep journey of awareness, creating daily practices to create a new life, step by step.


There is no succeeding or failing and there is no sober or not sober. I see the whole process of recovery and getting rid of addiction as a training ground. There is no judgement if you have a relapse! Instead, there is a reflection and examination into how it happened, what  you can learn and gain from it, and how you can intervene earlier the next time.


We will design the coaching sessions together, depending on your personal goals.


 The view of transformational recovery coaching is that through growth and transformation sobriety can develop.


We include 3 parts: Pre-abstinence training, nourishing the conditions for a conversion, and commitment to a daily practice. Often all these parts are overlapping and people are moving backward and forward depending on their individual situation.


We will work on all three at the same time, because in life it is all interconnected anyway..


A recovery process is a multi-dimensional progression, a complex and dynamic process of change through which an individual can achieve abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life.

We create an individual plan depending on your goals and intentions. You don´t need to be already sober to do the work. You can start right now with the coaching as a supportive tool to get on the path of recovery.

I offer a long-term curriculum based on your individual needs. If you want to have more information please contact me!!


I offer a free 15 minute Chat, to feel into it and decide if we are a good match.

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