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only in the April group 2020 with Maestra Juana available

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Marta Wanderlust is a qualified Yoga teacher and a BreathWork facilitator, with many years of experience in bridging the worlds of Eastern practices and philosophies with the Amazonian shamanism and Plant Medicine healing traditions. Permanently based in Peru, she has been a host and facilitator of various Plant Medicine retreats, during which Yoga and Meditation practices are always used as the framework.


Herself already participated in Dietas with Maestra Juana, she felt immediately a strong connection to her work.  Marta understands the sensitive space of dieting and the importance of careful preparation and supported integration. Her own learning and healing with the plant and tree medicines has reconfirmed to her the beauty of body-based practices and the power of the breath - the great allies when stepping into the world of shamanic healing.


During this dieta, Marta will be holding space for optional daily classes, supporting your process and offering tools of integration. Through a safe and appropriate practice, she will gently guide you through the intentional movement, somatic experiencing, meditation, mantra, and active breathing. Having the experience of dieting in the Shipibo tradition and understanding its intricacies, Marta will give you the room to remain in your own process, without interfering or distracting you out of it - while at the same time offering a sacred space in which to bring in realignment, stillness, and expansion across the mind, body and heart. 


This special offer you can book for

the retreat with Maestra Juana 

14.-24. April 2020 

We offer a package of 8 clases during the 10 day retreat.

One clase will be approximately arround 60-90 minutes.

Marta will adjust the clases depending on the needs of the present moment.

The package price for this 8 clases is

495 Soles (arround 135 Euro).

It´s up to you individually if you like to book the classes in addition with the retreat. 

For more information about Marta Wanderlust, 

you can check her website.