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Our retreat venues
in the Peruvian Andes in 2022
- Sacred Valley -

Our True Journey Andean Mountain Masterplant Retreat takes place in the magnificent Sacred Valley in Peru.

Accommodation will be shared between two very carefully selected beautifully located lodges.

Both lodges are within the vicinity of one another.


They are small, quiet, familiar, and laid surrounded by majestic mountains. They also boast very comfortable rooms and facilities.


The Andean landscape is stunning.

From both lodges participants are able to enjoy picturesque scenery. Guest’s rooms have sprawling mountain views, single rooms, private bathrooms, and some are even furnished with private bathtubs. Guests can also relax and reflect in hammocks or enjoy the fire pits located in the garden. 


Each lodge offers beautiful gardens for participants to take space to lean deeply into the processes of their dieta. As well as to relax and enjoy a natural environment to prepare for ceremonies. 


Each lodge has its own unique flair. One of the lodges is outstanding in its modern take of artistic Andean interiors and design. Each room presents it’s own unique style and offers spacious rooms and big beds. While the other more traditional Andean lodge houses two alpacas in the garden.


Pitu Saray, a sacred mountain in Quechuan culture, can also be viewed from both lodges.


I am overjoyed to offer you this comfortable retreat setting in the Sacred Valley surrounded by various archeological sites.


I am happy to offer this Andean retreat as an alternative program to the jungle.

My Shipibo Maestra likes to offer the Shipibo medicine here with me in the mountains.


People who know me know that I love the jungle. My love for it will lead me to continue offering Masterplant Diets encompassed by the vibrations of the plants.


 While at the same time, I live here in the mountains because I value the environmental contrast.

Life here in the Sacred Valley is very comfortable and much easier. 

Therefore I love to offer our retreats in both magical settings that are so unique to one another.


 For me, both locations have their own special qualities and features. The jungle has a unique vibration. You are held in the density and sounds of the green and alive surroundings. 

The mountains carry clear air, sprawling views, majestic locations for reflecting from the Apus, and inspire a different way of connecting to the earth.


And it must also be said that it is sometimes nice to have a luxury house, room, and bathroom. There can also be value in not having to tackle the challenges of adapting to environments that are home to tropical insects and mosquitos.The more refined spaces that the lodges have to offer provide heighted elements of comfort.


People often find the mountain environment considerably easier to adapt to than the jungle. For example, guests aren’t confronted with the challenges of adjusting to the humid jungle climate and arrays of insects.

Even if it is not the traditional Shipibo Medicine setting; I highly value the energy of the high mountains and the sacred surrounding sights. The Sacred Valley has a very palpable  energy. It is for this reason that it is a wonderful alternative option for me to offer deep medicine work in the form of our Masterplant Retreats.


Room & Food:

We offer in total nine private rooms with bathrooms.

Some rooms include a private bathtub.

There are gardens and private lounge areas.


There will be different food options (vegan, vegetarian, chicken or fish).

Options can be made available to cater to various food allergies.

Of course all food is Diet friendly based on our Plant Dieta.


Weather / Clima:

Evenings and rainy days can get quite cold. 

When the sun comes out at this altitude of almost 2000 meters it can get very warm. It is important to take in consideration that it is very easy to get sunburned quickly.


Venue Host:

In one of our venues our host has also dieted in the past with Maestra Juana Silvano Teco, Maestra Manuela Mahua and Gilberto Mahua. This is a very beautiful synchronicity.

When we discovered that we both dieted in the past with the same Maestros, I knew that I wanted to ask her if I could host groups in her beautiful space. I find it of so much value that she is familiar with the Shipibo medicine and lineages of the Maestros whom I cherish.


The other venue is owned and operated by a very kind Andean family. They put a lot of love into their space and are very guest oriented. Their home has been created with mainly ecological materials. They own Alpacas and have built beautiful art designs in the garden. Their cook is quite famous in the area for their tasty food.

We will have our ceremonies here.


Travel Before and After:

Because the retreat is held in such an exceptional location, I highly recommend planning time before or after the retreat to enjoy the Sacred Valley. This way guests can enjoy the many archeological sites found in the area and the magic of Andean nature.

Furthermore, it may also make sense to arrive 2-3 days earlier than the retreat start date so guests can adapt to the altitude. Altitude sickness is very common. It is wise to take this time to adapt before working with plant medicine.



We are located in between Calca and Urubamba.

The closest airport is Cusco, which is around 1h15 mins away by taxi.

Artistic Modern Andean Lodge

Ecological Andean Boutique Lodge

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