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True - Journey Online Library - still in creation - will be published soooonish

True-Journey, as I do, might evolve here and there “as I do”. We learn together over the years, with everyone who is part of it. Thank you in all types of ways to every participant.

I now feel excited to create a new project.



A True-Journey online library!


The opening will probably be in February when I share the first available chance to access it.

It might turn into a constantly growing library with different courses and materials. 


I intend to share and help to remember ways to live in connection with our full potential. To be able to create and live an aligned life.


Included in the library will also be content about….

  • How to grow into the role of a facilitator

  • Tools/guidance for preparation and integration

  • Offers for daily practices and rituals to stay fully connected/aware

  • Awareness of your inner being and learning how this effects your energetic boundaries

  • Teachings about mastering the energies connected to your plant diet (Sama)

  • How to keep your Arcana alive and in high frequencies (protection after retreat)

  • Integrating the plant teachings and energies into your daily life - finding a natural routine which flows easily with you

  • Staying aligned with energies you choose consciously

  • Offerings of tools and methods to become more aware of what you create in every moment

  • Increasing awareness about the alignment of thoughts/emotions/desires/spirit/decisions, etc and the connection with your own creations

  • Responsibility about the energy you feed and create

  • And much more!!!


If this interests you then check the following video out. If you have a certain topic you would like me to share about in the library, feel free to send me questions, themes etc… I will do my best to include them. If there are new inspiration coming from you then I’m happy to offer something in exchange!!! I value reciprocity.

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