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Masterplant Dieta

In January 2021, I participated in a Masterplant diet retreat held by True Journey. When I am writing these testimonials, it’s already late February. And I am still hardly able to find the right words to embrace the experience I had. 


It wasn’t my first time working with plant medicine, still I am confident to say that it was the most profound work I’ve done so far. 


To reveal some details, I did spent in the jungle almost two weeks, during this time we had 7 ceremonies. In order to feel the energy of plants, we have been advised not to talk with each other, avoid touching and any other possible intrusion in an other person’s space. We also have been told better not to consume any other teaching so we are open to receive what comes from the plants themselves, i.e. not to read, listen to music, use the phones etc. 


I could say that all conditions were organised by Ute in a most perfect way. I was settled in a spacey tambo, where I was able to spend countless hours listening to the sounds of surrounding jungle. The work was so deep, that numerous times during the retreat I felt the urge to share all the things that were coming up. I could say that Ute was always available to talk. And our conversations were meaningful and deep.


During the retreat we had some restrictions in terms of food. As I said, True Journey retreat wasn’t my first one, and I can say that I am pretty away of food normally is served at that kind of Peruvian retreats. But the food we enjoyed at La Perla was different and truly deserves a special word! Wonderful Gisela, a cook, obviously loved to cook for us, and we could feel it. The food, despite being without salt, spices and everything ‘forbidden’, was still delicious and various.


The last, but not the least (and maybe the most important) thing I want to share is my experience with maestra Juana. Maestra Juana is a healer. What she did, I am not able to express in words without narrowing the meaning. I could say just one thing. With her icaros, she worked with the very essence of my fears, blockages in my body and spirit. She was manage to create the safe space in which I felt confident enough to dive more deep, much deeper that I had courage to dive in my previous experiences. 


During the ceremonies Ute also sang the icaros and healing songs which were simply magnificent and immediately found a place in my heart. I wish I was not to be so shy to sing more during the ceremonies. Next time, next time. 


Upon my arrival in my home country, big things happened to me. All in the Universe happens to us only at the moment when we are ready. Thanks to all the things I learned through the Master Plant Diet I feel prepared for the change more than ever. 


I am hoping to continue my work with the sacred plant in my near future. I couldn’t agree more that we all need to find our power in order to serve love, light, and wisdom.


I can definitely recommend Ute as a facilitator and True Journey as a retreat center for this intimate work. 


And I send all my loving to future dieteros, who will be brave enough to commit this journey.

Eugen, 33 years from Russia

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