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Would you like to support the Shipibo allies from True-Journey with a donation during the covid phase?

I’ve decided to ask for some donations to support Maestra Juana’s family, Maestro Gilberto’s family and our host Shipibo family from la Perla. La Perla is the venue where True-Journey is hosting the retreats. All these families rely financially on Ayahuasca Travelers.


Right now it looks like airports won’t be open again for international flights until August at the earliest and even then tourists will probably come slowly. My intention is to raise money to contribute to their food expenses (and if there is enough money, to also contribute to the school’s expenses, later on when they open again).

There are some family members who are sick, so hopefully they will recover soon.


I will give the money straight to the families. Depending on the total raised, I will give them a certain amount every 2 weeks to make sure the money isn’t in danger of getting lost or stolen.


I will split the sum between the three families. I attached some old pictures I made in the last years.


Please don´t feel pressure! I know many of us are going through some financial hardship right now. Even 10 euro would already be helpful.


If you feel called to donate something, you can choose between 3 options: PayPal, USD bank account or Euro bank account. Below you find a button to send me an email to get the details for the transfer.


I didn´t do a "gofundme" page, because the handout of the money would need more time, more money will get subtracted and the process is more complicated.


Sending many blessings to all of you out there!!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Thank you very much!!




Family: Maestra Juana

Family: Maestro Gilberto

Family Mori: our host family

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