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Workshop in Shipibo Art - Language - Cosmovision

(before / after the retreat) 

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Are you interested to find out more about the Shipibo Culture?


I am happy to announce that I have begun collaborating with Alianza Arkana.

When you decide to come to one of my retreats, the organization “Alianza Arkana” offers different kind of workshops and classes to learn more about the Shipibo Culture. This gives us an opportunity to be in reciprocity, in an exchange with the Shipibo culture.

I highly recommend using the time before or after the retreat to choose one or more clases depending on your interests and time.

Alianza Arkana is based in Yarina / Pucallpa and you can reach it very easily with a mototaxi.

Anyway, I recommend that you arrive at least 1-2 days before the retreat and stay at least 1-2 days longer. You could use this time to explore a Shibipo art workshop (painting, embroidery, beadwork, basket weaving), a language and cosmovision class, a lesson about Shipibo culture or asking them for a trip to a Shipibo Permaculture garden.

It´s up to you - you can freely choose whatever resonates with you and rouses your interests. A 2 hours lesson is around 25 USD.

The prices for classes, trips, and workshops you pay directly to “Alianza Arkana.”

It´s a great way to connect and learn more about the Shipibo culture. The art techniques that they are using you could use as a tool for integration as well.

I’m very happy to collaborate with this organization and to be able to offer you extra events, which can issue in even more insights and expansion in your experience visiting the jungle.

For booking a class/ workshop write them

For transparency’s sake, I want to let you know that the proceeds of this classes (and a number of subsequent classes) will go towards the Intercultural health programs, which you can find out more about here:


The funds we collect will specifically go towards the work in the community of Paoyhan, for a coordination visit to organize workshops, campaigns and initiatives to tackle parasites, and water quality.


Invitation of Alianza Arkana

Are you called to expand your healing work and support initiatives making positive impacts in Shipibo-Konibo communities?

Become an ally of Alianza Arkana's Jakón Néte Network! Jakón Néte, means "The Good Universe" in the Shipibo language. This Network aims to connect visionary individuals who have deeply-rooted respect for the Shipibo people, with ways to reciprocate with the Shipibo beyond the realms of plant medicine and traditional healing.

Through our ally "True - Journey", we are offering a two hour class in "Introduction to Shipibo Language and Cosmovision", as well as traditional Shipibo painting with natural dyes. All profits made from your contribution will go to support our grassroots projects. Find out more at

If you’re excited about the idea of making a meaningful contribution to the long-term wellbeing of Shipibo communities, we invite you to join us!



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