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Retreat details 2020 with Gilberto Mahua
02. April - 12. April

Ayahuasca retreat & traditional Shipibo Dieta in 2020 with Maestro Gilberto Mahua



Accommodation & location:


It´s the first time that we will organize a group with Papa Gilberto outside of his own village. This will give us the oportunity to have a more quite setting and a calm environment. I decided to do so, because more and more people are comming to his home to participate in ceremonies, this can be sometimes little distracting for people in a Masterplant Dieta.  Papa Gilberto can understand, that we want to do the group in a more private setting on the lake in Yarinacocha, he´s is happy to leave his village for 10 days to do the ceremonies with us.


The group will be hosted in a family place directly next to the lake - Yarinachocha. I use to do groups there with my other maestra.

There are different huts and rooms all connected with wooden bridges. We have the Malokka, the ceremony building right there. I love this place, it has a beautiful energy and we will be the only group there.

The owners are a shipibo family, they live there as well and care very loving about their guests. We will have 2 meals the day, the other time during the dieta will be fasting time. The food will be local food. There will be a vegetarian, vegan, chicken and fish option. 

The place is very simple furnished. Every room has a mosquito net arround and has a bed with a simple mattress. Some of the rooms have a private bathroom, some of the rooms have a shared one. There is usually 24h tap water and during the evening for some hours electricity. 


The jungle is around, it´s all very green and on one side you have the lake. Because of the location, there are insects and mosquitos, sometimes more, sometimes less. Just be aware the location is in the jungle, a 20 min boatride far away from Yarina/Pucallpa.


Included are:

  • 10 nights

  • 5 ceremonies - every 2nd evening

  • Ayahuasca medicine 

  • one plant for your Dieta

  • 2 meals a day (otherwise fasting time)

  • Drinking Water

  • Facilitator (Ute) in the ceremonies

  • maximum 8 Persons

  • One-on-one talks / group sharing (of course only if you wish)

  • Translation help during the 10 days (Spanish, English, German)

  • Transport from Yarina to the Retreat place (20 minute boat ride) - day of arrival

  • Transport from the Retreat place back to Yarina (20 minute boat ride) - departure day

  • Transport from the meeting point in Yarina to the port / arrival day 

  • Mapacho for the 10 days (jungle tobacco)

  • Aqua Florida

  • plant & flower bathes 

  • Last day: class/talk about integration

  • Preparation Skype Session

  • Integration Skype Session

Accommodation before / after:

I recommend staying in Yarina/Pucallpa at least 1-2 nights before we start, and 1-2 nights after we finish, if possible.

Dates with Gilberto 2020:

Group: 02.04.20 - 12.04.2020

Ceremonies: 5  (first ceremony will be on the first evening)

Arrival by boat before lunch on the first day

Departure by boat after breakfast on the last day

Meating point will be anounced after registration, it will be on the starting day arround 10am in Yarina/Pucallpa.

Registration deadline:


Group April: 28th of february 2020

Not included are:

  • Flights

  • Transport from the airport to your accommodation, return to the airport

  • Transport from the port in Yarina to your accommodation (after retreat

  • extra Medicine

  • Health insurance: please book a health insurance for abroad by yourself! I don´t take any responsibility for it.

  • I recommend a cancellation insurance for your own safety (flight)!

  • Hotel/Accomodation before or after the retreat

  • Shipibo Art/Craft: the family of the maestra / healer and the host family will do a market to offer their craft

  • Additional coaching skype sessions for preparation and/or integration (contact me for prices/schedule)


Additional information:

  • The destination airport is in Pucallpa and very central. You can take a moto taxi to your hostel/hotel

  • Yarina is the place where we will meet around 10am at the starting day of the retreat

  • I will announce the meeting place in Yarina after registration

  • You will need to sign a disclaimer before we start the retreat

  • There is a Medical Guideline Formular attached, please read this before contacting me.

  • Preparation and integration is very important, so please schedule skype sessions with me (one before and one after is included in the price)

  • You will receive additional information after registration regarding preparation and integration (pre- and post dieta)

  • I will send you a “to bring list” for some practical little things & some general practical information

  • regarding the medical guidelines you need to be honest to me, before registration you will receive a document with several questions, you need to answer them before you are able to register

Registration & Payment Information:

Please contact me for price information! 

There is a applying process and deposit necessary before the registration deadline date. Also I like to have a chat with every participant, to see where you are at and if my offering matches with your interests.

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