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November / December 2020 Peru - Sacred Valley / Cusco -

Masterplant Diet with Maestra Manuela Mahua

I´m excited to spread the word, that my friend Brian will bring our Maestra Manuela Mahua to the Sacred Valley in Peru.

It is planned that she will be here for 40 days, starting around the 13th of November until around the 24th of December.

The organisation is happening through Brian / Jakonrate, not directly through me and True-Journey.

I will be on site as a facilitator and offer my guidance individually and to the group during the dieta and ceremonies. In case someone want to have psycho-spiritual integration support afterwards - I´m online available.

For me it is always a huge honor to be in dieta with Manuela Mahua. She was my first Maestra who introduced me to a certain big teacher tree who since then is with me. It was her with who I started my commitment with learning in and with Shipibo Plant Diets and all upcoming unfoldings and openings.

I did my first dieta with Manuela in 2016, since then many months and months followed in the jungle with different Maestras and Maestros from the Mahua family.

I feel very honored to facilitate together with Brian this group. He lives in the peruvian jungle more than 10 years and since than he is deeply connected with the Shipibo Culture and working with the wisdom of the plants.

Honestly I can´t wait to be back with others in ceremonial space and sharing the medicine.

It would be my pleasure and honor to see you here in the Sacred Valley in case you are feeling the call.

We found an amazing beautiful venue, with wonderful many colorful plants, surrounded by magic apus (mountains), lie far back in a valley, a river is passing by and on the land the buildings are created in a playful creative loving way.

If you are interested in deep healing and learning, guided by sacred plants and Shipibo Maestra Manuela Mahua, feel free to reach out for more information.

Sending love,


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